International Journal of Mind, Brain & Cognition

ISSN:   0976-3112
Founder Editor:   Ramesh Kumar Mishra
Editor(s):   Harpreet Kaur Bahri, Deepinder Singh Bahri
Postal Address/Emails of Editors:  

1749A/5, 1st Floor, Govindpuri Extension,

Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019


Year of Start:   2010
Indexed at:   1) EBSCOhost
Frequency:   Half-yearly

International Journal of Mind, Brain & Cognition (ISSN 0976-3112) is a biyearly journal for the multidisciplinary study of minds and other intelligent systems. It seeks to present state of the art research in the broad areas of COGNITIVE SCIENCE, NEUROSCIENCE, LINGUISTICS, COMPUTER SCIENCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE as well as from the HUMANITIES where facts blended with theory explore the workings of the mind-brain and throw new light on our cognitive behavior. The study of human mind, from the neurophysiological as well as computational perspectives, has given us exciting data about our own inner mental life and also how we – with our bodies and brains – interact with the environment and cognize. With development of theoretical frameworks in several disciplines along with sophisticated brain mapping techniques, it is now possible to test hypotheses concerning the workings of the mind and eventually find answers to more difficult questions like consciousness and several specific cognitive mechanisms. This journal will provide a platform for research that integrates disciplinary frameworks and proposes theoretical as well as experimental work that is, wherever possible, truly multidisciplinary.


As an international journal of COGNITIVE SCIENCE, this journal will showcase research of the best quality that stands solidly on well-developed theoretical foundations and faces some of the challenging research tasks. Full length research articles that seek rigorous answers to questions of mind-brain interaction and hence cognition and thought-provoking theoretical articles that challenge received views and explore new options will receive priority. Research that is merely confirmatory will be given less importance. The journal will also publish careful book reviews in these domains. All submissions will be rigorously peer reviewed and will maintain highest standards of quality.


The following kinds of articles are appropriate for the journal: (a) theories or theoretical analyses of cognitive processes and brain theory; (b) experimental studies relevant to theoretical issues in cognitive science; (c) computational models of neural and cognitive processes and (d) discussions of new problem areas or methodological issues in cognitive science.


The journal will publish four categories of articles. Regular articles have a word limit of 10000 words. Brief reports have a target length of about 4,000 words. Letters to the editor are expected not to exceed 1,000 words, and may include commentaries on articles, responses to commentaries, and discussion items of general relevance to the cognitive science community. Book reviews should not exceed 1,000 words.

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