Literary Miscellany

ISSN:   2230-7451
Founder Editor:   Pradip Lahiri
Editor(s):   Harpreet Kaur Bahri, Deepinder Singh Bahri
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1749A/5, 1st Floor, Govindpuri Extension,

Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019


Year of Start:   2012
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Frequency:   Half-yearly

The purpose of launching this literary journal Literary Miscellany is to seek an access into the international academic, artistic, scholarly and philosophic fraternity that seeks to delve deep into the theories, trends, and practices of literature throbbing in animation in and around nations and states. The journal intends, with a view to imbibing the essence of literary art, to spread its wings across the spectrum of the global habitation.


Editorial board desires to bring to light well-written, original and meaningfully researched items on various segments of the classical and contemporary literature, encasing good articles on Critical Theories, Drama, Fiction, Literary Criticism, Poetry as well as assorted creative writings in the cosmic perspective.


Literary Miscellany wishes to provide a dedicated forum for disseminating knowledge and expertise on the subject of cross-textured heterogeneous literatures – written primarily in English -- seeking to encourage scrutiny and interpretation of hitherto expounded literary perceptions and tenets, including perceptive evaluation and analytical review of the pathfinders, working through the late 19th till the 20th century/contemporary literary movements.


The Journal stands to focus on the trends, patterns and filigrees of cross-cultural, multi dimensional literature in an ever-expanding experimental backdrop giving rise to exercises involving sparkling literary creations across the billowing seas.


Braving hail showers and storms LM holds its ground banking on the love and valued appreciation of members, well-wishers, scholars, critics and friends who stand by the journal through thick and thin.  The log cabin of LM may encounter weather variation, yet the cabin can always be diligently repaired, with neatly cleaned floor board remaining fixed and firm


LM salutes the rich global family of academics, artists, creative writers, scholars students and avid readers who take interest in the Journal, and also pledges to stay its course with their covetable affectionate support.


Literary Miscellany ventures to humbly approach some carefully selected scholars/academics/authors across the international literary corpus in order to invite them to enrich the journal ideally with their illuminating contributions, so much so that the student community in particular, and all interested readers at large -- requiring optimum exposure to the various branches/types of creative literature, literary theories and literary criticism that continue happening in the world today in spite of the onslaught of disasters and tribulations -- may be immensely benefited in various ways.

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