ISSN:   2229-4600
Editor(s):   Harpreet Kaur Bahri, Deepinder Singh Bahri
Postal Address/Emails of Editors:  

1749A/5, 1st Floor, Govindpuri Extension,

Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019


Year of Start:   2011
Indexed at:  
Frequency:   Half-yearly

LITERARIA: An Intenational Journal of New Literature Across the World (ISSN 2229-4600) proposes that what characterises the study of English through the larger part of literature is its multidisciplinary and multicultural nature. That is to say, in the first place, that English is studied in most of the world as a subject made up, in a variety of ways, of a range of disciplines or sub-disciplines, including Literature, Theory, Area Studies, and the study of Culture – each term of which is itself plural in its conceptions and practices. ‘LITERARIA’, in this sense, would signify the multifaceted view of the object of study and its corollary would be the potential for dialogue between the (sub-) disciplinary approaches which construct it. To this end, rather than devoting individual issues to particular disciplines within English Studies, the editors are proposing a series of topics each of which may be addressed, in a dialogical manner, from a variety of disciplinary (and, ideally, interdisciplinary) points of view. This, we believe, has worked for the Literary Theory, and should work also in the more formally scholarly context of the LITERARIA: An International Journal of New Literature Across the World. LITERARIA is the journal of the English dedicated to providing a forum for innovative poetry, prose, drama, criticism and artwork from emerging and established writers and artists. Some basic areas are:


  • Aesthetic and Cultural Components
  • Cross-Border Inclusion
  • Cross-Cultural Encounters
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Nativism/Native Influences
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Multiculturalism
  • Cyberpunk Literature
  • Translation Studies
  • Comparative Studies
  • Literary Movements
  • Literary Criticisms and Theories
  • Social History
  • Translations
  • Science Fiction
  • Multiculturalism
  • Feminism
  • Dalit Literature
  • African Literature
  • Jewish Literature
  • Commonwealth Literautre
  • Native American Literature
  • Frontier Literature/Wild West
  • Popular Culture
  • Environmental Aesthetics/Nature Writing
  • Visual Arts
  • Childrens Literature
  • Indian Writing in English

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